How to Access Work Passwords from Your Home Devices

A lot of people are working from home these days due to health issues outbreak all across the world. The companies are encouraging their employees to work from home, which has raised several concerns regarding the devices used for completing the official tasks. One of the most significant problems that have raised is regarding accessing the […]

How to Get iPhone/iPad/Mac Repaired If Apple Stores are Closed?

Due to an ongoing crisis, Apple has closed the majority of the service centers and Apple Stores until 27 March 2020. It is a reasonable decision, but now it’s also difficult to get your Apple device repaired. If you are using an iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or Macbook and you want to repair your device, […]

How to Record a Video Conference Meeting on Zoom

Zoom is indeed one of the best video conferencing app for formal and informal meetings around the globe. In case you are planning to host a formal or casual meeting on your Zoom app, then you should be aware of how to use the essential functions of the apps, such as recording a video meeting. […]

Doom Eternal: How to Beat Marauder

The popular video game franchise, Doom has finally released their much-awaited video game known as Doom Eternal. Similar to its predecessor, the game universe is filled with numerous demons and out of all of them, Marauder is most dangerous. As, we all know that the game task requires from the players to take down these demons who are […]

Microsoft Joining Foldable Race with Surface Duo

“Here is a Peek of Surface Duo Features” Microsoft has announced that it is going to release the devices which can be folded. If you are already aware of that, then you should be expecting the paralleled enhanced user experience. The design of the gadget can be intimidating for you right now, and it may […]

How to Calibrate Your Monitor on Windows 10

Adjusting the desktop features in the best possible way makes your device to perform well as you like to see. To do this, you have to calibrate your device with software and hardware tools. Today, the computer is used widely across the globe for official and general works. If the user wants to have their […]

How to Find Henchmen in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2?

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has finally arrived and it began to produce heat among the gamers. Epic Games have stunned every one through the all-new world of Fortnite. Season 2 includes various new aspects that have totally altered the gaming experience of Fortnite. The all-new events alongside maps and cosmetics have added to the game. Along with that, […]

How to Fix Windows Update Cannot Currently Check for Updates

Windows provides various features like updating, checking, and scanning for various updates. Apart from these features, Windows also check for recent updates as these updates fix various bugs and harmful issues while working on Windows 10. Updates are not for checking security attributes as they may affect the compatibility features and various stability settings. Sometimes, […]

Galaxy Z Flip: 7 Features You Must Try Out

Samsung’s new foldable smartphone is now out, and it has some very cool features that you know about no matter you wish to buy it or not. Its split-screen feature is not an innovation, but it seems pretty efficient in its foldable screen since the two apps will appear on its both flaps. You could […]

How to Use Photos App Video Editor on Windows 10

Photos App is an important app that has been designed to help you arrange videos and photos on Windows 10. You can efficiently see the media folders via this app. You can edit it easily and also share them with your friends and family. The Photos application is much more useful than only using it […]

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