How to Find and Evolve Minccino into Cinccino in Pokémon Sword and Shield

The famous game of Game Freaks is persisting in attaining acclamation even after four months of its release. Precisely due to the enormous popularity of the Pokémon franchise, that can never be diminished from the hearts of its fans. Alongside its developer Game Freaks, who keep on updating it quite frequently with new features and events. Gamers […]

How to Use Excel’s Insert Data from Picture Feature in Mobile

Microsoft is one of those tech giant companies that always works in favor of making things better and easier for their users. Microsoft works for both Desktop and Mobile applications, and to make that application reliable, they release new updates regularly. Users of Microsoft Excel are numerous because it is one of the best tools […]

How to Split Screen on iPad to Run Two Apps Side by Side

The users of the iPad can use the mode of Split Screen, which allows them to open two apps side by side. It is not so difficult to use the multitasking feature of your iPad by opening two apps side by side, but all you need to know the process. So, if you are not […]

Why 5G Will Make iPhone 12 Costly

In 2020 Apple will release its next version of the iPhone lineup with 5G compatibility. Apple have not released any 5G devices yet, so we do not know about how much 5G actually costs. It definitely increases network speed in your handset and also offers advance technology to your device. But there is a good […]

How to Use Dark Mode on Your Mac

The dark mode is one of the popular screen themes for the night and the users who care for their eyes. Dark mode or night mode usually helps to reduce eye strain and thus enhances visibility even in the dark. Today most of the devices use Dark themes spanning from handheld devices to Computer OS.  […]

How to Convert FLAC Audio to MP3

FLAC and MP3 both are audio files, but FLAC audio is the compressed one under FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). FLAC files can be compressed at any ratio without any lack in the quality of the audio. It’s a coding format used for compressing digital audio files. On the other hand, the MP3 is a […]

How to Enable or Disable Intel TSX in Windows 10

Before going into the in-depth analysis of enabling or disabling Intel TSX in Windows 10, we have to understand what exactly is Intel TSX and how it supports the Windows 10. However, if the users are interested to know about the procedure to enable or disable the Intel  TSX in windows 10 then they can […]

How to Troubleshoot “Corrupted Mouse Driver” on Windows 10

Mouse Driver is one of the most important drivers that allows your mouse cursor to work smoothly on Windows 10. In this case, your device stops identifying your mouse, and it doesn’t depend on its model or type. It can attack both “Wireless” or “Non-wired” mice.  Sometimes, users found that the display is showing yellow-colored […]

How to Fix Netflix Error tvq-st-103 on Windows 10

Netflix is a popular video streaming platform across the world. It provides various services like streaming movies, shows, dramas, and so on. However, it performs smooth streaming service for its users, but sometimes users reported various issues related to its streaming. They face not connecting, or network connection failed issues while working on Windows 10. […]

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