6 Ways to fix Google Chrome’s ERR SPDY PROTOCOL ERROR

Sometimes when you are browsing on the internet, you can face certain errors and one such mentioned error is Err_spry_protocol. In this article, we will teach you how You are able to fix error Err_spry_protocol. Abutting sockets in Google Chrome Adding website into Avast Web Shield exclusions Restart Browser Checking Browser Updates Using the Incognito […]

How to Split Screen on iPad to Run Two Apps Side by Side

The users of the iPad can use the mode of Split Screen, which allows them to open two apps side by side. It is not so difficult to use the multitasking feature of your iPad by opening two apps side by side, but all you need to know the process. So, if you are not […]

Division 2 Kajika, Dragov & Judge Keys Location to Unlock the Rooms

In the online video game Division 2, you have to enter many locked doors to move forward in the game, so you should know all the locations and techniques to get the keys of those gates. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is an Action Role-Playing, third-person shooting video game on the online platform only. This […]

How to Customize WhatsApp Notification for iOS

WhatsApp has become the most popular social messaging app at the present time. It offers users to share all kinds of documents and locations too. This social messaging app provides users to customize the basic settings of the app. Having a lot of apps in your mobile device can lead to constant vibration and buzzing […]

Fix: WLDCore.dll is Missing Error Message on Windows 10

In case you are currently using the previous or old versions of Windows, such as Windows 7 or even earlier, then you might be using the Windows Live Mail service. Although the email client is now officially ended, a few computer users are still using the service and have complained about the WLDCore.dll missing message […]

How to Fix Auto Muting Microphone on Windows 10?

If your Windows 10 microphone keeps muting unexpectedly, then it can significantly hinder your work performance. Naturally, any user encountering the issue would want to fix it, and this is what we will assist. Fixing the error might not seem like a huge task, but it is not easy either. So, here are the steps […]

How to Set Up Google Assistant on Xbox One

There are several methods to go to the Xbox One without even using the controller. Microsoft has introduced the skill on Google Assistant that enables you to manage common navigation as well as system-level commands on the console via Assistant apps on Android or iOS. Managing Xbox One via voice commands is quite outdated at […]

How to Install iPadOS 13.4 Developer Beta 4 on iPad

iPadOS version 13.4 is on the way for the users, introducing new advanced features. It currently requires a third-party developer to be installed on the iPadOS device. Apple launched the iPadOS version 13.4 beta for developers to run and find any issue on the device. New Additions in iPadOS 13.4 Beta 4 Developer Recently Apple released […]

How to Fix Windows Update Cannot Currently Check for Updates

Windows provides various features like updating, checking, and scanning for various updates. Apart from these features, Windows also check for recent updates as these updates fix various bugs and harmful issues while working on Windows 10. Updates are not for checking security attributes as they may affect the compatibility features and various stability settings. Sometimes, […]

How to Remove Todoist from Outlook

In this blog, we will teach you how you can disable and enable Todoist from your Outlook account. We will also discuss when disable and enable Todoist not work; you can reset your device. Here we discuss how to uninstall Todoist via Microsoft office. And separately from Outlook, and how you can disable Todoist on […]

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