How to Download iOS 13.4.5 beta 1 Developer into Your iPhone

iOS 13.4.5 developer beta version is on the way with some new features that need a third-party developer to install in your device. Apple released iOS 13.4.5 beta version software first for their developers and engineers who can use and identify any issues with these updates and fix them to make their software for their […]

How to Customize WhatsApp Notification for iOS

WhatsApp has become the most popular social messaging app at the present time. It offers users to share all kinds of documents and locations too. This social messaging app provides users to customize the basic settings of the app. Having a lot of apps in your mobile device can lead to constant vibration and buzzing […]

How to Update Airpods Firmware Without iPhone

The issue for the malfunction of Airpods that cause because of the outdated firmware. The best thing is that you may easily update the Airpods firmware. However, you cannot do update it without iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. If you include any such device, then its good, or else you need to ask your friend for […]

Why 5G Will Make iPhone 12 Costly

In 2020 Apple will release its next version of the iPhone lineup with 5G compatibility. Apple have not released any 5G devices yet, so we do not know about how much 5G actually costs. It definitely increases network speed in your handset and also offers advance technology to your device. But there is a good […]

How to Use iPhone as a Webcam

If you have decided to purchase a webcam, you may think about it again as an iPhone is always there for that purpose. However, going for the worthy device will always be the better option if you have not decided to use it more often so that it does not end up lying somewhere in […]

Apple Rumored To Make Its 5G Antennas in 2020

It’s widely rumoured that Apple is looking to make its 5G antennas for the new iPhone in 2020. The giant tech Qualcomm’s antennas might not be available in the new iPhone devices because they are not providing a sheer size of antennas as per the requirement of the company. However, it doesn’t mean that Apple […]

How to Use VPN on iPhone

Virtual Private Network or VPN provides an encrypted and secured mode of networking on any browser. It works as a shield that prevents our data from thefts and leaks making it one of the best options to browse the internet. It protects our IP address from the server and VPN that is dedicated to providing […]

How to download iOS 13.3.1 Developer Beta 2 to iPhone

You might have heard that iOS 13 is on the process of having new features which need third-party developer input. The company is launching developer betas by which software engineers shall be able to begin creating wonderful software for you. Complete guide of iOS 13 Making an archived backup of iPhone Firstly, you need to […]

How to Order Uber with Siri on iPhone

You can order Uber on your iPhone device with Siri’s assistance. If you want to order an Uber or want a ride with Uber using your iPhone device, it is more comfortable to booking on iPhone via Siri. If you are trying to order an Uber booking with on your iPhone with Siri, iPhone has […]

How to Download and Install iPad OS 13.2.2 on iPad

Apple has introduced iPad OS 13.2.2 that packs the most recent privacy settings for Siri; the ability of Siri to announce received Text messages to others. The iPadOS 13.2.2 updates are accessible on the settings app. This focus on updates and bug fixes for issues will offer performance improvements that were not tackled in iOS […]

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