Roku’s Free Ad-Supported Streaming Service Coming to the UK

Roku, the popular media streaming giant, is all set to bring its ad-supported TV channel to the UK, all of which contents will be free. The viewer can watch more than 10,000 movies, which will be aired by Roku on demand along with TV series and several other documentaries. The various shows going to be broadcast […]

How to Access Work Passwords from Your Home Devices

A lot of people are working from home these days due to health issues outbreak all across the world. The companies are encouraging their employees to work from home, which has raised several concerns regarding the devices used for completing the official tasks. One of the most significant problems that have raised is regarding accessing the […]

How to Get iPhone/iPad/Mac Repaired If Apple Stores are Closed?

Due to an ongoing crisis, Apple has closed the majority of the service centers and Apple Stores until 27 March 2020. It is a reasonable decision, but now it’s also difficult to get your Apple device repaired. If you are using an iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or Macbook and you want to repair your device, […]

How to Download iOS 13.4.5 beta 1 Developer into Your iPhone

iOS 13.4.5 developer beta version is on the way with some new features that need a third-party developer to install in your device. Apple released iOS 13.4.5 beta version software first for their developers and engineers who can use and identify any issues with these updates and fix them to make their software for their […]

Doom Eternal: How to Defeat the Marauder Boss

Marauder is one of the deadliest and powerful bosses in Doom Eternal. Battle with Marauder Boss is not easy, and that is why in order to defeat him, players need to be fully prepared. In the mythology of Doom’s series, Marauder Boss is one of the most powerful and fierce boss of entire dimension. Marauder […]

How to Find and Evolve Minccino into Cinccino in Pokémon Sword and Shield

The famous game of Game Freaks is persisting in attaining acclamation even after four months of its release. Precisely due to the enormous popularity of the Pokémon franchise, that can never be diminished from the hearts of its fans. Alongside its developer Game Freaks, who keep on updating it quite frequently with new features and events. Gamers […]

How to Record a Video Conference Meeting on Zoom

Zoom is indeed one of the best video conferencing app for formal and informal meetings around the globe. In case you are planning to host a formal or casual meeting on your Zoom app, then you should be aware of how to use the essential functions of the apps, such as recording a video meeting. […]

Doom Eternal: How to Beat Marauder

The popular video game franchise, Doom has finally released their much-awaited video game known as Doom Eternal. Similar to its predecessor, the game universe is filled with numerous demons and out of all of them, Marauder is most dangerous. As, we all know that the game task requires from the players to take down these demons who are […]

6 Ways to fix Google Chrome’s ERR SPDY PROTOCOL ERROR

Sometimes when you are browsing on the internet, you can face certain errors and one such mentioned error is Err_spry_protocol. In this article, we will teach you how You are able to fix error Err_spry_protocol. Abutting sockets in Google Chrome Adding website into Avast Web Shield exclusions Restart Browser Checking Browser Updates Using the Incognito […]

How to Find & Evolve Goomy Into Goodra in Pokémon Sword & Shield

The fantasy world of Pokémon has mesmerized the childhood of the 90s kids. It is one of the most greeted anime of all time. The enormous acclamation has triggered the franchise to craft a whole new world of Pokémon through the virtual medium. The franchise’s video game also attains similar acclamation as the anime series […]

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