Escape from Tarkov: How to Unlock Jaeger

Battlestate Games greets the gamers with a reward of an update in Escape from Tarkov. The update was officially released on the last day of 2019 and has brought several new changes to the world of Escape from Tarkov.

 Several online streamers are creating a buzz on Twitch from the live streaming of this game nowadays, and thus it has achieved a much higher level even from the legit games such as Fortnite and Minecraft. Those who are not familiar with the name of Escape from Tarkov, it is a first-person survival MMO game which consists of intriguing elements such as PvP and Battle Royale.

Apart from that the game also contains a unique story lineup along with various quests that huddle the player’s victory. One of the major factor that hinders the players a lot is the NPC which requires the player to unlock Jaegar to unfold a series of quests.

Requirements to Unlock Jaeger

There are several things that players need to follow or fulfil to begin the unlocking process of Jaegar. First, players need to raise their tier of PMC to 10 along with that players need to accomplish the part 1-quest of Gunsmith.

 However, players will find difficulty in completing this quest, but they can easily finish this quest by using other NPC, which is known as Mechanic. Players should have at least 3 Elite Plier elements to exchange MP133 shotgun successfully.

Players need to set the shotgun’s mod on the specs of the quest to conveniently accomplish it. Once, players complete the quest of Gunsmith, soon after that, they will encounter a new quest which is known as Introduction.

This quest is the first step towards unlocking of Jaegar in Escape from Tarkov and players needs to locate jaeger’s camp into the map of Woods, then attain all his message and in the end the Extraction process from the maps.

Unlock Jaeger

Players need to go to the Woods Map; then they require to head straightly to the Aircraft which lies near the Train station. Players need to find a deer stand which appears as a hut and there they will find the hidden message from Jaegar beneath the ground of that area.

Besides it is a bit hard to locate that message, but players need to ensure that they locate it successfully. Once, they track down the message; then players should survive the raid to Extract. Once that’s accomplished, players should be brought back the message to Mechanic which will unlock the Jaegar successfully.

As we have discussed above that Escape from Tarkov is one of the most top viewed game on Twitch nowadays, and the game is acquiring new players day by day. The combination of Twitch, along with Escape from Tarkov is mind-blowing, and their team is dominating several other online game streaming services such as Facebook Gaming and Mixer.

Although these streaming services are bit slow in comparison to the Twitch and the new update of Escape from Tarkov is probably the two most reason for the growth of both of them. Escape from Tarkov is available for PC and players who want to play it can obtain its experience over there.


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